• Competitions


    A famous proverb says “Win it or loose ...do it fairly”……
    People from Latur did it fairly well when it came to be part of the festival in every possible way, be it attending the cultural shows or participating the competitions. Though the competitions were organized for the first time ever in Latur, the response was overwhelming.
    Hundreds of participants came to prove their talent and were given awesome support by the viewers. Be it singing, making people laugh with the sit, dancing or personality contest, the energy people showed was remarkable.
    Though these were competitions, it was not just about winning. People applauded when a 4 year girl with her friends rocked the stage on the famous Hindi song “sheela ki jawani”. Talent got exposure. People sang with their hearts, kids painted with their own imaginations, dancers kept on getting once more.
    The competitions were for all age groups. During the festival, the city was lit up with joy, happiness, curiosity and excitement. It was for the very first time, such a wide platform for talent was provided in Latur. Everybody participated to win .., some of them won, some lost …but what remained throughout was the spirit….!
    The competition section was merely a stage for people to celebrate the talent and the response given to the idea proved it to be a huge success.


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