• Marathi Bana


    People were charged, excited and curious about how this much awaited festival would turn out to be a grand mesmerizing experience.
    And fulfilling all the expectations ‘Marathi Bana’ made a grand entry on stage at krida sankul on 10th January.
    Marathi bana have been staged all over Maharashtra for more than 1000 times, but it was during this festival, latur got the opportunity to experience this grand cultural show for the very first time.
    All the traditional folk art forms were performed with grace and style… The singers, dancers along with the anchor Mr.Ashok Hande took the viewers to the journey of marathi forlk and culture.
    Gondhal, bharud, adivasi nrutya, shetakari nrutya, ovya , abhang and many such folk forms were performed on stage and witnessed by thousands of amused viewers.
    Marathi bana is a cultural show about our traditions which are passed on to us from generations to generations.
    Keeping the current scenario of globalization in mind, The Latur Club decided to take its people to the roots of the marathi culture
    The spectacular presentation won the hearts of viewers and Marathi bana made everybody take pride on the fact of being Marathi.

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    kailash kher.jpg